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We recently wrapped up our first My Plate for My Family workshop held in the town of Parker. We held these classes with an emphasis on eating health on a budget. We sampled many tasty recipes and introduced ourselves to many new vegetables as well as ways of cooking. Several of the people that attended took the recipes home and made them for themselves and their families. At the end of the series a young man came up and asked if we could hold a series for teenagers to help them learn how to cook and cook healthy foods.



This year we have seen a lot of changes not only in staff but also in the drive and passion of the community. In May we started working on a project called “Get Out & Play Days” these are family friendly physical activity events that are held around the county. The month of August we held our first Get Out & Play Day.




It was a blast getting out into the sun and playing for a couple hours. We are looking forward to this upcoming year and the workshops and events that we will be holding and putting together to encourage everyone to live a healthier and happier life, as well as getting further out and sharing more opportunities with the communities around La Paz County.