Contact: Margine Bawden
Email: mbawden@cals.arizona.edu
Phone: (928)337-2267
Address:  Apache County Cooperative Extension, PO Box 369, 845 W. 4th North, St. Johns, AZ 85936

Apache_Yum-broWe recently held a class for our pregnant and post-partum mothers in St. Johns. One of our mothers had her 2 young sons with her and they were actively participating in the class. When we gave out our food sample, Minestrone Soup, the mother was shocked when the little boy wanted seconds! At the end of the class, as we were cleaning up, the little boy actually went and drank her leftovers. The soup, which is low in fat, contains whole grains, low sodium, and chock full of vegetables was something that she thought her family would not eat and therefore waste. With the class and demonstration, the mother found out that she could prepare the soup and her family would enjoy it.

 Apache_Yum-breadmakingDuring the winter of 2011, during a meeting that we had with the Vernon Elementary School District to discuss the possibility of holding Adult Nutrition Classes at the school, we were made aware of the hunger situation that several of their students were facing. Several of their students were going hungry over the weekend and the school was trying to find a way to help both the students and their families. Following this meeting we were able to assist the school getting in touch with United Food Bank, Sage Randall specifically. This partnership was able to establish a backpack program for the school, and now the school, community, and the food bank are working together to establish a food pantry for the Vernon area.