Everything you need to know about UANN accounting, evaluation, training, and reporting can be found right here. Use our UANN implementation manual as a guide and contact UANN Central Administration with any questions. We are here to make nutrition and physical activity education easier for you and your partners.

FY2015 SNAP-ED Plan Guidance

AzNN FY15 Policy & Procedure Manual

SNAP Implementation Guide (version 12/2012)

UANN Central Administration Purchasing Procedures and Forms

All UANN Central Administration Directors and staff are required to follow the new procedures below beginning in FY13.

Purchasing Procedures
Step 1: The FY13 UANN Order Form must be completed for each order. *If space is too limited in Justification column, attach further documentation*

Step 2: The FY13 UANN Order Form is then submitted to Heather Ottenbacher for compliance review. Order forms should be submitted within a reasonable amount of time for processing and expected delivery dates.

Email: hro1@email.arizona.edu
Fax: 520-626-9373; Phone: 520-621-9333
Office: Shantz Rm #118

Step 3: If approved, the reviewer forwards the order to the unit purchaser (Michele Graves). If items on the order form are not approved the order form is returned. Items not approved will be highlighted and a reason given for the non-approval status.

Step 4: Unit purchaser makes the purchases (P-card, Shop Catalogs, etc.)

Step 5: Unit purchaser fills out P-Card form and attaches backup or codes Shop Catalog order.

Step 6: Unit purchaser completes reconciliation form for each purchase.

Step 7: Unit purchaser provides SNAP accounting with the P-card form and backup or forwards the Shop Catalogs order summary.

Step 8: SNAP Accounting codes the P-card form or saves Shop Catalogs email order summary.

Step 9: SNAP Accounting gives the coded P-card to the Nutritional Sciences Business Office for processing and reconciliation.

Materials Order Form

PCard Form